Simpson Sears Christmas Wish Book

This book was probably every parent’s worst nightmare. I’m sure the long lists of toys never ended as well as the following conversations.

I mean every year we would ask our parents when this book arrived and when it finally arrived, I recall my mother putting a limit on what we picked.  She had gone through years of experience with this book and the never ending talks we had with her about what we wanted Santa to brings us.

For awhile it was mostly Star Wars toys we asked for every year. Then Atari 2600 VCS came on the scene. Oh boy, what was this thing with joysticks and TV connector that played games?  This was the start of us growing up with tech. We didn’t understand it until we received our first wood grain model with the game Combat for Christmas. It was magic controlling a tank on the old wood cabinet TV screen and shooting the other tank controlled by my brother. This started my joy for video games that continues to this day.

One year we decided to flip to the back of the book and start backwards. Sears kept the most expensive cool toys to the last few pages as I recall. This was normally the new thing that some company we never heard of was working on all year to introduce. From my first post you may have noticed the image of the Tomy Omnibot 2000 robot.  If you click the link it will take you to some of the robots that Sears sold. The cool name meant you got the top of the line butler robot and not the little robots that just rolled around. Of course, we asked my parents every year but we never did get one. It was ridiculously over priced for that time at $600.

You would think we would have robots in 2017 to help us cook, clean and do laundry. This image of a human look robot still carries to this day but most of us only see the same toy robots that roll around from Sphero, vacuums and drones to name a few.  Guess we can still dream as adult kids.

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