It begins

Growing up in a time when technology was creeping into every home in North America was exciting. Gaming consoles were the craze in the 70’s and 80’s until the PC arrived. A small group of users enjoyed and tinkered away but decades later technology is everywhere and in everyone’s lives. Here I share my experiences and knowledge.

Talking to your friends as they discovered the PC was a moment. I have many memories going to my friend’s homes and discovering different PC compatible models and games to play. Back then there were many manufacturers but we all wanted to own an IBM. I didn’t know any Macintosh users though I secretly wanted an Apple IIGS. But that story is for another day.

As we got older, tinkering became a thing. Upgrading this and that to see what we could do with our computers. Keep in mind this was before the internet and resources were mostly books, word of mouth and a few retail stores. Eventually I got into building PC’s for family and friends.

I have many stories to write about and post here. Including powering up my first 8088 PC that has been in storage for decades, the Coleco Adam and my adventures into the worlds of Apple and Linux. Please visit daily as I continue to write and add more to the site.

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